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Kindness – World Restart feat. Kelela & Ade

You may already heard about Kindness’ second album last week: on Friday, he shared a very short teaser to announce the release.

Fantastic Fantastic – Houses

DYLTS Fantastic Fantastic - Houses

Last week, I saw a very good looking artwork on a few blogs, from a band I didn’t know: Fantastic Fantastic. Of course, I listened to their song right away, and immediatly loved it. It’s a great summer tune, mixing electro and pop, which evokes many influences, but creating a quite unique sound. Very fresh and highly addictive!

Fantastic Fantastic is a UK-based duo composed of Chris and Micke.…

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Jetlag feat. Esther – Walk With Me

Jetlag feat Esther - Walk With Me DYLTS

We already talked a lot about the duo Jetlag, who are producing classy and chill house. For their new EP, they join the label Anjunadeep (home of Lane 8, James Grant, Cubicolor…).

Their song is called “Walk With Me”, featuring vocals from Esther. As usual, they produce beautiful melodies, with a soft bassline, piano, and violin. The kind of song that gives you the chills.

The EP includes remixes…

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Nick Monaco – Private Practice

It’s the first time we’re talking about San Francisco based Nick Monaco, from the label Soul Clap.

Joe Goddard – Endless Love feat. Betsy

DYLTS - Joe Goddard - Endless Love feat. Betsy

Following his recent remixes for Nimmo and the Gauntletts and Technology+Teamwork, Joe Goddard (from Hot Chip and 2 Bears) is ready to introduce his upcoming EP, “Endless Love”. The title track was revealed today on Soundcloud. The combination between Goddard’s unique sound and Betsy vocals sounds really good. It’s highly addictive, you’re warned.

The EP “Endless Love” is out July 28th, you can…

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Octave Minds – In Silence

DYLTS - Octave Minds (Boys Noize & Chilly Gonzales) - In Silence

You may already heard about Octave Minds, who revealed their first track on Friday. It’s the new project of Chilly Gonzales and Boys Noise! Knowing their different type of music, it can seem surprising, but they already collaborated in the past to produce Chilly’s album “Ivory Tower”.

The song called “In Silence” features great piano melodies and dreamy vocals. It’s given away as a free…

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GXNXVS – Easily

Almost the weekend, and we have a great new artist to introduce you to: GXNXVS (GENIUS). As many emerging talented artists, he’s coming from Australia! 

Caribou – Can’t Do Without You (Extended Mix)

Caribou - Can't Do Without You (Extended Mix)

We could discover last month a new song from Caribou, called “Can’t Do Without You”. A beautiful track built around simple, infectious vocals. He just released an extended version, making our listening pleasure last longer, with a longer synths intro and more of these vocals.

It’s the first extract from Caribou’s upcoming album called “Our Love”, out October 7th. Yes that will be a long wait,…

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Daniele Di Martino – Hi EP

We’re glad to talk to you about the debut EP from a producer we’ve been following for a long time, …

Marz Leon – L O N E R

If you like Banks, you should love that song… Marz Leon is an artist from LA, who just released her debut song called “L O N E R”.